Affordable quirk and coolness, now in the Temple City- Ujjain

Visiting Cosmos mall in Ujjain anytime soon? Yes? Then you must visit this Korean destination for super-affordable shopping! The Temple City is surprising tourists and the commoners with our BECCOS store that houses cool and quirky products. Not only that, the city is loving and embracing the minimalistic creativity of our products that come with the utmost quality and functionality as well. Not having a look at this store while you are in Ujjain might be a bad mistake. Keep reading to know why!

The Quirk, The Trendy

beccos - ujjain store - bags and wallets

Ujjain is an old city with more focus on the serenity that it’s blessed with due to its temples. This is a reason why Gen Z and the Millenials think of it as a boring city as well. But, with Beccos flourishing in Ujjain that fact is far from the truth.

Today, many houses in Ujjain flaunt the quirky and creative products that they have found at this Beccos store in Cosmos Mall. From wall decor to vases; kitchenware to stationery; fragrances to everything fashion, you get just everything at BECCOS. This is one of the reasons why, today, Ujjain is no less cool than other cosmopolitan cities.

You get everything in various designs and colours to suit not just the walls of your house or your clothes, but also your personality. With that said, a proper focus is also on the trends, as we want you to be trendsetter of your circle.


beccos-ujjain store

It is mostly assumed that the adorable, quirky and cool products usually lack functionality. Not at Beccos, though. At BECCOS, all products are thoroughly tested to ensure they are of the utmost quality and fulfil the goal of making your lives easier. The products also aim to inspire you through their functionality with their regular use in your life. Great examples of such products are our classy kitchenware which makes your cooking time fun, and our journals and pens which help embrace your creative soul.



With all that said, does it mean that our products burn Herculean holes in your pockets? Not at all! In fact, our extensive range of products starts at only Rs. 29/-. And most of these products can be bought under Rs. 500/-. So you need not worry!

beccos ujjain store products

Now that you know all that, we’re sure you won’t want to miss the wondrous Beccos happiness our products can bring you. So, get ready with your shopping list and embrace our products along with the marvellous temples of the city.

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