Beccos is in Aurangabad – Bringing smiles to all the women in your life

We are all surrounded by beautiful women who make a significant difference in our lives. Express gratitude to them by showing how much they mean to you with our beautiful gifts. Whether it is your mother’s, aunt’s, cousin’s or friend’s birthday or an anniversary, select lovely presents from our collection to give them as a sign of your love.

BECCOS is flourishing in Aurangabad and has become a favorite among the women here. Already renowned for its splendid monuments, Aurangabad is the right choice if you want to enjoy a short picnic or weekend getaway. It is also an excellent base for exploring Ellora and Ajanta’s world heritage sites! If you are out there enjoying the beautiful city, don’t forget to hop on to the Beccos store near you!

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What makes us Awesome?

BECCOS is one of the best one-stop solutions to all your needs. We’re sure you’ll fall in love with us. You’ll find adorable yet affordable products including purses, wallets, and sling bags and even slippers, soft toys, and stationery items. Digital accessories such as headphones, USB cables, etc. are also available. Apart from these, you’ll find cute makeup brushes, hairbrushes, beauty blenders, and much more for all you makeup lovers out there.

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Gifts Your Loved Ones Would Cherish!

Seeing the fantastic look at your loved ones’ faces is quite enthralling when they are surprised by unique gifts. Especially, women! They love the attention they get when their loved ones make them feel super special with heart-warming gifts.

Having a deep understanding of their desires and inclinations is necessary. So, you can choose something that not only touches their soul but also stirs up their obsession.

At BECCOS, we have a wide variety of women’s gift options to help you choose suitable women’s gifts based on personality, age, relationship, and opportunity.


Here are a few options you might consider

  1. High-Quality Makeup
  2. Personal Care Products
  3. Handbags
  4. Diaries and Journals
  5. Coffee Mugs
  6. Coloured pens
  7. Elegant Perfumes
  8. Classy Watches
  9. Sassy Sunglasses
  10. Cuddly soft toys

With such a variety available, you might doubt the quality and functionality of our products. However, that’s not needed. We get our products properly tested before putting them on the shelves for you. Our team puts in a lot of effort in getting you whatever your heart desires in the best quality you deserve.

However, it would be better if you visit a Beccos store and judge for yourself! You’ll be surprised to know how much happiness can be bought without burning your pockets!

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