While Hogging Your Favourite Delicacies, Head To Mini Korea BECCOS For Everything Cute & Quirky!

If you are at Netaji Subhash Place, you must have hogged on some of your favourite delicacies there. With those mouthwatering meals around, we have our Beccos store nearby for you. It has adorable yet functional products to make your life easier and flaunt worthy.

Korean Goodness at a Glance ‘

beccos korean designer handbags and wallet

So, what exactly do you get at the store? Loads of Korean goodness. BECCOS fulfills not only your personal needs but that of every family member of yours.

What exactly?

Quirky toys and stationery.  In trend digital accessories.  Functional home and kitchenware with designer handbags and wallets for every occasion.  There’s more! Luxurious lifestyle products. Fitness and outdoor products. Plus, beauty and makeup products with vital seasonal accessories that add to the essence of your life.

Did we mention the new collection of fragrances? They compliment the tantalizing aroma of the food around Netaji Subhash Place. Thus, making you fall in love with the area.

BECCOS is a one-stop-shop, to get you all that your heart desires.

Functionality & Quality with Affordability

beccos luxury perfumes

Let’s face the truth. Too many cooks spoil the broth. With such a variety to handle, do we still focus on the quality and functionality of our products?  Yes, we do. We believe in delivering high-quality products, which are durable and fit perfectly well with your lifestyle. That too at pocket-friendly prices, like your favourite delicacies at Netaji Subhash Place.

Starting at a sassy price of 29/-, you can buy most of our products under 500/-. What’s better than adding some chic and quirk to your ambiance at such unbelievable prices?

As Delightful as the Food Around

beccos ceramic mugs, bottle

Hanging out at Netaji Subhash Place is a delightful experience. All kinds of delish delights you get served around here, leave a mark on you for years. A mark that inspires you to visit again to enjoy the pleasures.

The same goes for Beccos products, and that’s what makes our existence in this cool place even more meaningful. Our innovative products aim to delight you and inspire you. With its minimalistic creativity leading to world-class tasteful designs, each Beccos product adds a sense of fun and quirk to your life. Thus, keeping you surrounded by happiness and inspiration always.

So, the next time you go hanging out at Netaji Subhash Place with your friends or family, don’t forget to stop at this one-stop-shop. We’re sure you’ll find something both meaningful and beautiful at the same time.

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