Chiming In With Cultural Vibrance, BECCOS Is Set To Land In Rourkela, Odisha

Odias, here we come! Are you all set with your yummy delicacies, and the ultra-vibrant culture to welcome BECCOS, the essence of Korea to your region? Well then, behold yourselves for the staggering spectacle that is bound to happen with our debutant store in your city. This Korea’s marvel is launching on 29th November 2019 in the Crossroad mall, Rourkela. Mark this on your calendar, BECCOS, you won’t want to miss being a part of it!

BECCOS Everything is What We Desire.

You need some contemporary handbags and wallets, with elegant lifestyle products to go by. With that, you only want high-quality products because things like personal hygiene and baby-care products cannot be compromised upon. The season is changing, and so is your health. This calls for seasonal products along with smart fitness and outdoor products.

And wait! Did you buy the stationery yet – the colored pens and journals that get your creative juices flowing? Or are you still so busy with work that you need digital accessories to keep you technologically updated? With that busy a routine, your kitchen and home have turned chaos too, right? You need some appealing yet sturdy home and kitchenware to add some enriching essence.

Talking of essence, did you try BECCOS’ latest fragrance collection? It is time you try it. Along with that, get whatever your heart fancies, BECCOS we have it all set for you, and your potentially fabulous life.

beccos rourkela products

Illuminating and Immersive yet Inexpensive.

Why live with the old mindset of living, when you have some illuminating products to enhance your life? Have all that you need while embracing the fact that it all starts with just Rs. 29/-. Yes, you read that right. In fact, most of BECCOS products range between the highly-affordable Rs. 299/- to Rs. 499/- range. So, buy your child that toy he wants and buy yourself whatever your inner child desires to experience this Korean vibe in your city.

A Hallmark Addition to Culture.

Your culture is your superpower. From food, to dance forms, to the stunning fabric that you design and use. BECCOS aims to add to this culture, with the best quality, yet adorable and quirky products to act as a hallmark addition to Odisha’s enthralling culture.

beccos rourkela store

So, get going! Save the date.


29th Nov’19, 12 Noon


2nd Floor, The Crossroad Mall, Near Railway Station, Rourkela

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