BECCOS Nothing Is More Memorable Than Your Fragrance!

The wait is over as BECCOS’ mystery product is all set to put you under exotic skies with the scintillating new fragrances in the stores! Inspired by amazing scents found in nature we have created a beautiful range of rich fragrances in form of deodorants and perfumes for you and your boozy soul, starting just at Rs 149! Created with these are specially made to suit every mood of yours and compliment every occasion in your life perfectly! Suitable for all skin types these deodorant body sprays are available in all BECCOS stores pan India. Following are some of the best ones that are BECCOS recommended specially for you!

  1. Avenger

This unisex fragrance is made with rare materials to evoke both timeless freedom and a single-minded passion for life! Sensual, seductive dark amber and cedar wood protect and enhance a deep, almost God-like musk. Get yourself one from the BECCOS stores pan India and experience it for you!

  1. Secret love

Made with love to embrace yours! The beautiful mix of jasmine notes and woody tones make the perfect aura of mystery around you. Orange blossom, peach apricot and gardenia alongside the base tones of vanilla make it a perfect match for your playful yet reserved persona. Try it for a long lasting fresh feeling! Compatible with all skin types this would suit you perfectly!

beccos premium prerfumes

  1. Sports 

This deodorant possess signature scents that will keep you refreshed for hours and that will make you feel like you embody luxury, success, style, elegance, self- confidence and comfort. Keeps you fresh and rejuvenated all day long and locks in all the bad order to keep you super fresh! Wraps you up in a scintillating fragrance, starting at just Rs 149 and available in all BECCOS stores pan India!

Beccos Nothing Is More Memorable Than Your Fragrance

  1. Signature Combo

Signature Perfume from BECCOS has the fine fragrance which is beautifully crafted with unique exotic ingredients such as traditional black musk and cedar wood warm. The woody fragrance provides you with a fresh top every time you apply it! Safe on all skin types, it proves to be the best gift for someone dear to you!

Enjoy best quality fragrances from BECCOS which are specifically made for the sophisticated being like you! All our fragrances are unisex and can suit the natural aura of your body perfectly! Try them first hand at any BECCOS store for just Rs 149!

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