This Children’s Day, #DonateYourBachpan to Some Adorable Souls Out There

While all BECCOS products have the reputation of being adorable, cute and quirky, there are angels living around us overflowing with these features. These are the children of our society who do not get to enjoy a happy childhood like the rest of us. It is time to stop sympathising with them and start empathising. It is time to take some action that gets them their lost childhood, the cheer, cuteness, and love.

BECCOS has taken a step in this direction and need you to join us. Without your support our efforts and the childhood of these children will only go waste. Join us and don’t miss your chance of adding smiles to the future of the world. 

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What Trend Are We Setting Up This Time?

On the occasion of Children’s day, BECCOS is running a donation drive from 11th November to 17th November.

If you can read this article, it is very likely that all your needs and wants are substantially met. However, there are children who have been sacked off their childhood. They do not have memories of giggles but those very similar to shackles. It is our responsibility as well-wishers of the country’s development to help provide these children at least the basics.

How? Not by emptying our piggy banks. We can help them with something even simpler.

What Do You Have To Do?

Nothing much. Just clean up your house. Find any usable books, toys or clothes. ‘Usable’ is the keyword. After all, we are trying to give them as wholesome and heartful childhood as we ourselves had.

Once you are ready with your donation, drop it in the box available outside every BECCOS stores. Bring your friends in too, BECCOS the more the merrier. 

What Do You Get?

In return, the donors not only get contentment and cleaner homes but a bonus. Beccos will give you a voucher of Rs. 499 or Rs. 1299. While sharing your love with more items gets you a voucher worth Rs. 1299, a couple of items will get you one of Rs. 499.

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Here are the voucher details:

  1. Rs. 499 – Buy anything worth 499/- and get a product free.
  1. Rs. 1299 – Buy anything worth 1299/- and get 50% off on handbags.

Not to mention, you also get the million-dollar smile on these children’s faces with eternal blessings and love.

So, get going! Beccos we are doing our bit. You will only feel happier by doing yours.


11th Nov – 17th Nov 2019


Outside every BECCOS store.

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