Your 2020 BECCOS Shopping Wishlist Is Ready!

Shopaholics, rejoice! Because BECCOS has made shopping much more affordable for you! With so many new BECCOS stores opening, we want to make sure that we’re always near you whenever you want to go for a quick shop and de-stress. And if you’re someone who couldn’t accomplish your shopping goals in 2019, don’t fret and get everything on your 2020 shopping list today. We already have a 2020 BECCOS Shopping Wishlist designed for you! Take a look, and decide what you have to take before you head to BECCOS for another shopping spree!

  • Soft Toys

beccos soft toys

Don’t you agree that one can never have too many soft toys? We know you do. So, make a note to get another one of your favorite soft toys from BECCOS when you visit us this time. Embrace the child inside you.

  • Diaries and Journals


If you hoard diaries and journals because you love their designs, it’s time you should add a BECCOS diary or journal to your collection! You can easily buy a great one for very low prices from our extensive range when you visit BECCOS in 2020.

  • Watches and Sunglasses


Be ready to find a great watch that matches your outfit for your cousin’s wedding, or a pair of sunglasses that you were looking for, on your next trip to BECCOS. Don’t worry! We have all kinds and designs you would ever need!

  • Cute wall organizers with pockets and hooks

BECCOS has wall organizers that can be hung on any of your walls. Not only do these quirky organizers help you store important documents and accessories while allowing you to hang your keys, these cute accessories with multiple pockets also add life to the walls of your house.

  • Soap Dispensers

beccos-soap dispenser

You’re going to be more than pleased when you see our designer soap dispenser. And we’re adding these to your wishlist because our designs are surely going to make you fall in love with them. Get one that suits your bathroom walls the best!

  • Coffee Mugs

beccos-coffee mugs

Need a new coffee mug because your last one was broken? Find one from BECCOS that perfectly suits your style. We’re just adding it to our list, just in case.

  • Massagers


Who doesn’t like a good massage after a hectic day at the office? Gift yourself a pair or two, because frankly speaking, there’s nothing like a great massage.

Now that you have your list ready, hop on to your nearest BECCOS store to accomplish your shopping goals today.

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