Student’s Checklist: Gearing Up For Semester Exams? Time To Grab These Must-Haves!

Semester exams are near and as always you haven’t studied anything significant. Yet another time you will rely on the dull and boring study material your studious friends and professors provide. Why should you? Isn’t college all about being cool, quirky and fun? There you go, Beccos we heard you. BECCOS presents the must-haves for every semester exam. These not only save you from the bore but also help you get extra marks for the fun and cool. And all that at the best prices!

Colored Pens Prevent Dull Futures

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Color-coding is one of the best note-taking techniques. It simply adds life to your notes, making them worthy enough for your memory.

It’s time you rise and shine in exams, with our quirky colored pens and your quirky study methods. BECCOS, you deserve a colorful future.

Notebooks Anyone?

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Using cool methods of making notes with quirky and adorable pens seems all fun. But where do you make these notes? Not on the regular cheap-looking ordinary notebooks.

What you need are adorable little notebooks with fine quality paper that allow no ink bleeding.

Turn to BECCOS. We have amazing notebooks and journals for you to start enjoying the study process.

The Classic Pens

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While colored pens are not allowed in most semester exams, if they are, you should definitely utilize them. Highlighting with colored pens will help your examiner save time checking your answers. Thus, helping you get better marks.

Apart from that, even the regular pens you use need to be of great quality. You cannot afford any smearing and blotching on your exam answer sheets. That will be totally uncool.

Be it the classic blue and black pens or quirky colored pens, Beccos brings to you all kinds of high-quality pens. These are not only lightweight for your hands to not hurt but are also light to your pockets.

Life’s Too Short For Smudges


If your eraser isn’t as amazing as you, it is bound to create ugly little smudges that no examiner will give marks for.

A visit to your nearest Beccos store will help you find some cute, adorable and fine-quality erasers you will fell in love with. Why miss love?

Finally, don’t forget –

The clock is ticking and the exams are nearing. It is time you grab this inexpensive must-have stationery and clear your exams the cool way.  

All the best!