Supplementing Korea’s love of Shopping To the Megacity Bengaluru

Yo Bengaluru!!


Wait, There’s a surprise for you all!

Are you a smart shopper?

Don’t worry if not,

Cause we have some really smart buying proposals, just for you!

To grow pleasantly we are launching our Korean designer lifestyle brand BECCOS in your rising city Bengaluru.

Unseen unique choices like never before!!!

Create your own personalised look

beccos Bengaluru products

On the grounds of sophistication, we introduce to you the lifestyle products which will help in rejigging and revamping your life to add some extra fun and caprice into it.

Everyone is different and so are their choices,

For the world with different choices, we manufactured products of different uses and feels.

beccos night lamps

Our utility stores include:

-Digital Products.    -Health and Fitness products.

-Quirky bags and wallets.    -Home Decor.    -Kitchen utilities.

-Gifts for your loved ones.    -Journals and stationary.

-Beauty products.    -Personal Care.    -Plushies and stuffed toys.

-Shades and Goggles.   -Baby Care products, and much more…..

beccos wallets

With products so stylish you can dazzle and create your own personalised look anytime and anywhere, just run to your nearest store now!!

at Municipal No. 433/30/1, 28th “A” cross, 4th block, Jayanagar, Corporation Division No. 60, Bangalore – 560011

Lowest prices ever to be witnessed!

beccos wall watches - Bengaluru store

You keep wandering the streets and stores but still don’t get what you are actually looking for?

That’s the story of every shopper alive. Don’t worry we’re finally here to make your shopping experience go beyond your imaginations.

Yeah, you heard it right. Beyond your imaginations!

What is the lowest that you’ve bought for? 100? 200? 500?

We have designer products starting with the tag of Rs19 only, and the rest of the products fall mostly in the category of under Rs500.

We see no loss here, we are here just for you, to enhance your shopping experience.

Young feel and designs

beccos stores

What makes BECCOS different from the others?

Its elegance and uniqueness.

beccos bect products in Bengaluru

BECCOS is an assembled lifestyle store which has aesthetically handpicked the goods for the need of the people and for the ones they love.

Talking of Korea brings enough information about the brand and its products but for experiencing the Korean feel and some exciting festive offers, visit us at our stores.

Basic needs when combined creatively with nature’s colours and organic designs, comes out to be from BECCOS. Everything here has a sense of creativity and uniqueness in it.

Remember those times of hard confusion when choosing a gift for someone becomes impossible and you end up buying something drastic and unsatisfying?

For such times and situations of confusion, BECCOS is finally here with utility products of young and exotic feel and an extra designer oomph.

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