Have you ever walked in a store that surprises you with a 50, 80 or in fact 100% discount? Sounds unreal right? Well, it’s getting real now!

We introduce Beccos India The Surprise Store The first ever store in the world that will surprise you every time you visit it.


  • 10% to 100% discount
  • Free Products
  • Free shopping
  • Dinner coupons

And everything that will make you say, ‘Whoa’.So, that’s our promise. No matter what you buy, we won’t let you leave without a surprise. We’re Beccos – The Surprise store. Exclusively Opening tomorrow in VR Punjab, Mohali

We’re relaunching our store in VR Mall in a style you’ve never heard before. And this re-launch means that our flagship store is going to be modeled into a shopping paradise for all you shopaholics out there! This particular store in Mohali is going to give offers, discounts and surprises a whole new meaning. If you’re heading to the VR Punjab Mall anytime, don’t forget to visit BECCOS-the surprise store, because we’re offering everything that will make you say, ‘Whoa’.

beccos-vrpunjab mall

BECCOS – The Surprise Store

This store will be the first of its kind in the world to surprise you every time you visit it. These surprises are going to make your Korean shopping experience even better and much more authentic. Our Korean products in this store will always be available, along with a few more surprise products not available elsewhere. The discounts on all our items will begin from 10% and go to an unbelievable 100%. Yes, you read that right! This means only one thing, that you can get any of your favorite stuff, be it home décor, stationery items or fashion accessories for free!

Dinner Vouchers, Free Products &  Great Discounts

Not only can you get some fantastic Korean products at highly discounted prices, but BECCOS will also give dinner coupons, major discounts  & free products  Come, visit BECCOS and you may not only get your favorite cute and quirky products, but you can also get free giveaways and food coupons to cherish.

And these discounts & giveaways are not the only surprises that the BECCOS surprise store at VR Punjab Mall will offer! It’s worth repeating that for the first time in the history of shopping, we will also give some of our shoppers a chance to get whatever they want for free. So, head to BECCOS in Mohali and who knows if you become one of the many lucky shoppers to get our exclusive handbags, mugs, quirky stationery and watches, for free.

Don’t waste your time thinking! Mark your calendars to witness the relaunch that might make you our special shopper.

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