BECCOS – The Ultimate Designer Products Hub In Nashik

People out in Nashik! We are already excited to be a part of your city for the first time in the famous City Center Mall to glam and glow you, your house and your family. To make your shopping a perfect ride we have got the best Customer-Friendly staff, who all are waiting to greet you. We love seeing those bright smiles you have when you find exactly what you need at our store.

What’s New With Us?

beccos kitchenware products

So let’s start mentioning what is available in our outlets for all of you out there.

Guess what? Everything! Everything that you need, be it creative homeware to household items, digital accessories, boutique collections to lifestyle products, office and school stationery to fantasy gifts, toys for your toddlers to seasonal products for yourself.

We don’t just beautify your house and your personality, but also care about your fitness and outdoor needs. Yes, we present the ultimate fitness and outdoor products you’ll need to bring out the better you in the healthiest way.

Oh! have we even forgotten to mention about the special baby care section that is there in our outlet? Yes, a Baby Care section too.

So, go find out for yourself what’s on in the trend today in your favorite City Center Mall!

Why Spend Your Worth Money to These Spin-offs?

beccos-alarm watch

Yeah, so when we start talking about our products it’s mandatory to mention its pricing. Don’t get stressed out to buy all these little trendy kinds of stuff. They will definitely come under your budget. And how is it possible? Because most of our products are under Rs 500/- to get touched to the trend. In fact., the starting price is Rs 49/-. So, get out to get trendy in your circle!

Wondering If the Product Quality is Worth the Money?

beccos products

When spending your savings to get these products, quality is a sure concern. However, don’t you worry. You can get your seat-belts on to have a perfect safe journey into these trendy kinds of stuff with the utmost confidence in its quality.

Plus, what comes along are some amazing offers and discounts for you and your family to cherish this festive season.

So wait no longer, come and grab them fast before they get in someone else’s hand. Visit your nearest Beccos store today!

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