A Combo of A5 sized Notebook Combo with Vibrant Coloured Pencils


Need a notebook and some coloured pencils? Even if you don’t you should get this combo. Not just because it’s affordable but because it can help you destress. Plus, you can get it for the kids in your family too who would love to boost their creativity and have fun, which by the way, you deserve too. The adorable design on the notebook and the colours make this combo a perfect gift. What’s more? You can explore bullet journaling with it too!

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  • The Ultimate Combo: The pack includes a notebook combovwith colour pencils that can be used for sketching, journaling, scrapbooking etc. No matter if you are an adult or want it for your kids, any human is ought to derive fun from the pack.
  • Utter Quality: BECCOS is famous for its stationery. The notebook is superbly bound and the coloured pencils are made from bonded lead which reduces breakage and the wood is of high quality too.
  • Adorable: Both the notebook and the coloured pencils are here to help you get rid of boring and bland vibes. That’s why the notebook is utterly adorable and the coloured pencils bring smooth and vivid colours to add their charm.
  • The Perfect Bullet Journal: the combo is well suited for bullet journalist if you wish to organise your life more creatively and productively. Why should kids have all the fun with colours?
  • Awesome Gifting Idea: Know a kid who would enjoy drawing, sketching and just playing with colours? Or know an adult who needs to bring back or cherish the creative fun in life? Gift this combo to them and see them smile wide!

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Dimensions 9 × 7.5 × 1.7 cm