Leak Proof Water Bottle for Gym, Home and Office


When it’s about drinking water, you need to bank on the quality of the water bottles. That’s why, Beccos India brings to you a high quality and well-designed water bottle that keeps your water fresh and odor free. Whether you’re hitting the iron in the gym or hiking through the wilderness, this sporty water bottle will keep you hydrated. Remember, it’s high time to quench your thirst only with the best quality water bottle.

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  • Made of high quality material that leaves no taste or odor.
  • Ergonomically shaped to fit nicely in the hands of adults or kids.
  • Comes with a strap that makes it easy to carry while you’re on the go.
  • Light weight, leak-proof and dishwasher safe – which makes it a perfect water bottle for kids.
  • Comes with a screw cap that opens in one turn.”

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