Multipurpose Air Tight Sealing Jars for Food For Kitchen Pantry (PACK OF TWO)


Whether you need sealing jars for coffee, grains, pulses or just any food item, Beccos sealing jars will help. With this pack of two airtight sealing jar lids made in high grade plastic you can stay assured that your food will stay safe and healthy for long. No worrying about chemical leaches too. Plus, the clear design of the sealing jars makes it easy for you to organise your kitchen pantry and keep the designer look of your kitchen intact.



  • Multipurpose Sealing Jars Help Organise Your Kitchen Pantry: Why face the chaos of your kitchen every day and night, when you can organise your multiple food items in these sealing jars for coffee, pulses, spices, sugar, salt etc.
  • Durable, safe and easy to clean high grade plastic: The plastic used to make these sealing jars for food is of supreme strength and quality which means it lasts long. It is easy to clean too.
  • Air Tight Sealing Jar Lids: Like the sturdy and durable plastic used, the lids are made of high quality too. They will help keep moisture and bacteria away from your food, keeping your food healthy and worthy of consuming for long.
  • Clear Containers with Utterly Simple & Sassy Design: The clear plastic sealing jars make it easy for identifying food items. Thus, saving you time and mental energy. The simple design suits every designer kitchen and home too.
  • Safe & No Chemical Leaching: The sealing jars not only promise no leaching of moisture in your food, but also does not leach any chemicals into the food, thanks to the high grade plastic used.

Additional information

Weight 370 kg
Dimensions 8 × 7 × 4 cm